Nice Micro


In today's world, there is barely any task where we don't rely on computing. Nice Micro believes that everyone should have the freedom to utilize these technologies without chaining themselves to big corporations.

This is why Nice Micro always tries to prioritize software that respects the freedoms that have been found by the Free Software Foundation to be essential. That is, the user has the right to know what their computer does, as in, the source code should be open to scrutiny. The user should also be able to modify the program to their needs.

Most free and open source software also has the advantage of coming free of charge, making it possible to utilize our computers regardless of one's financial situation. However, it is important to support those, who make these software available to us. Nice Micro believes in the importance of giving back to the community and using a portion of the profits made using free software to support the developers.

Nice Micro also directly participates in the development of freedom-respecting software. These include a simple command-line backup utility called Nmbckp, and OpenSuspect, an open-source social deduction game currently in development. Their respective source codes are accessible from the following repositories.


Free software projects are usually developed by small teams with limited resources. This means that there is no real marketing and PR campaigns are out of the budget of many great projects, failing to reach a wide audiance.

Nice Micro creates in depth video guides to popularize free software solutions and to make these software more approachable for the interested audience. Nice Micro also publishes opinion vlogs based on personal experience with free and open source computing.

Nice Micro publishes the videos on the popular video sites YouTube and LBRY/Odysee. For easier access, the videos on YouTube are organized in playlists. On the LBRY/Odysee platorm, the main channel contains the free software and Linux related content, while the second channel is used to host unrelated opinion vlogs.

Updates are also published through Mastodon for those using ActivityPub based federated social networks.


Nice Micro hosts HTML-based articles on the site, including a blog so those interested in our work can find the newest information on our projects.

Albeit it is a work in progress, we plan to publish articles to provide a text-based, searchable medium with links to the relevant video releases, and to provide accompanying materials for tutorials. Moreover, a blog is an optimal medium to keep a record of the milestones and project highlights.

Hire me!

Nice Micro offers affordable services in a wide array of topics based on free and open source software solutions, such as video editing, 3D illustrations, or creating a video tutorial for a specific software product, similar to the free software tutorials available on our video platforms.

Nice Micro also offers to make introductory video presentations based on our expertees which can cover a wide array of topics related to free software or basic sciences such as mathematics, chemistry or physics.

Contact us via fiverr, so we can start to work for you!